About ANSR

The Architects Network Southern Region -ANSR- is part of the RAIA small practice networks set up specifically for small practitioners to network with each other within their districts.

Our members are registered architects with the NSW Architects Registration Board, or working towards their registration status.

ANSR encompasses the Sutherland Shire and St George areas, and even as far as Wollongong.

How we began: ANSR originally commenced with a series of Friday afternoon meetings at the Georges River Motor Boat Club. After some time it relocated and for a number of years consisted of a handful of architects attending evening meetings at the St George Leagues Club. A glass of wine and dinner followed the formal meeting allowing informal networking to take place.

The Southern Architect's Network (ANSR) has experienced exponential growth over the past 2 years.

In order to accommodate more attendees, the evening format changed into regular breakfast meetings at Bidos Cafe in Ramsgate. As the numbers grew, so did the disruptions of being in a coffee shop. The monthly meetings then relocated to MDA offices attracting attendances of 10-12 people.

Our current venue, The Teahouse, Camelia Gardens, Caringbah better caters for the additional attendance, specific talks and sponsorship.

In order to harness the momentum that the ANSR group was gathering, our first AGM was announced at the 2006 August Seminar and all ANSR members were invited to attend. Ingrid Pearson of SPUN (Upper North District Network) was our guest speaker who gave us insight into the well established SPUN network and the inner workings of the AIA Networks at State level. Ingrid shared invaluable advice on structuring our network.

At the inaugural 2006 AGM, office bearers were appointed and a general consensus was reached in relation to the direction of the group's future. While it is noted that only a few became office bearers, there are regular attendees who contribute time and energy to the workings of ANSR.

2014 Executive Committee Positions


  1. To Promote the profile of the Architecture Profession amongst the greater community and increase general community awareness about architect services and its value;
  2. To facilitate the practice of Architecture at all levels: the combined knowledge, wisdom and experience of architects within our local practice group area is enormous, and something every architect can benefit from.
  3. Our role as advocates in the community, and at all Government levels; to communicate as a group of professionals;
  4. To foster professional peer relationships and networking, to enable associations amongst members to compliment each other's skills, experiences and resources;
  5. To extend RAIA representation and activity at the local geographic network level and to encourage the AIA to be more responsive to the needs of the smaller practices
  6. To provide Continuing Education programs compliant with the requirements to the NSW ACT 2003 within our locality
Finally, we believe that by attending ANSR, and being a regular and generous participant will reap rewards in areas such as knowledge, friendship, support, peer respect and financial gain.

About ANSR